Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs

Usage Guidelines


  1. Copy & Paste the Reader’s Induction Script
  2. Copy & Paste the Deepening Script
  3. Pick ONE Tulpa-Related Script (the Possession one is actually the exception to this since it’ll prompt you to pick the several I mention in parentheses in the guide) and Copy & Paste
  4. Copy & Paste the Wake-Up/Awakening Script
  5. Read the scripts as mentioned in chronological order. (In a slow, calm and relaxed tone of voice….take your time and try to say the words aloud). More info in the actual guide itself

BAM. Easy as That. NO MEMORIZATION is required, you just save the formats you want, and you’ll do just fine if you repeat them daily at least once or twice a day. Focus on ONE GOAL per session.

Meaning, you do one session related to possession for example, and you do the other during the afternoon or evening on visualizing your wonderland. Or you can do just one goal twice per day, three times, etc. Just focus on one at a time because it’ll be more effective. More information is in the PDF link above.

Also, it’s preferred you read it aloud (not screaming of course, just speaking the words to yourself) because we tend to skip a lot of things if we try to read things mentally. It also helps with reading aloud because of how we bypass the CRITICAL FACTOR:

Critical Factor:

The comparative part of the mind that allows our conscious mind to logically compare incoming information with already accepted belief and knowledge.

When you’re motivated, and you do things with emotions that relate to looking forward to success, this is how you’ll bypass the critical factor and be able to get what you want out of your tulpa-related endeavors. Again, more info can be found in the PDF link as well.


The last guide I made for self-hypnosis extended the word limit for one post, and I thank you to the staff member that merged it for me. I would like, if possible, for the posts below to be merged (when I have everything posted). Thank you so much in advance.

I’m literally SPOON-FEEDING this guide to you. If you just take 30 minutes or even an hour of your time to digest the content, then go back a bit further later on and just glance at it once more, it’s easy as 1-2-3! It will be worth it, I know it. You just have to read the scripts I provide (and I have the template for you to make your own custom scripts as well!). No memorization. No struggle. No Pain. No Distractions. Everything will be LAID out in front of you.

And for any users reading the guide, please wait until I have the closing thoughts finished before you make any comments, questions, etc.

Hello everyone, I made a guide pertaining to self-hypnosis and how you could use it for tulpaforcing in the link below:

However, after analyzing concepts of self-hypnosis, I picked up on a few things and decided that I would make a guide that would give you a general concept of certain scripts, or things to read if you want to engage in self-hypnosis with ease. This means you can do self-hypnosis with your eyes open on certain tasks (but you are free to extend on your sessions after you went through reading the scripts).

I found that when I did hypnotic sessions with a user (Shockk), I found that he was able to have better imagination when he slowly read through the script I gave for him that was related to the original self-hypnosis guide I made in the link above (and would close his eyes at the end or at least imagine it without closing them)

If you give these scripts a try for a few weeks, or at least understand the concept of them to make ones of your own, you will find amazing results on what you can do. The best part is, There’s absolutely NO MEMORIZATION required. All you need to do is save the script (or make one of your own), read the script, imagine, and believe, and say it aloud or in your head (but mostly aloud if you can) in a deep and relaxed tone of voice.

The guide I made in the link above gave an in-depth explanation on things such as:

  • Misconceptions
  • Analogy to understand what self-hypnosis is like
  • Tests for gradual relaxation
  • And much more

However, I realized that the tests themselves may have only enticed a small group of people, while the majority of people were most likely concerned on whether or not they had to memorize those tests. After going through months of self-hypnosis and finding what works for me, I finally had the answer I needed that makes nearly perfect results. I’ll cover that later on in this guide though.This guide was inspired by the Great Big List of Guides that can be found in the link below:

So for those who were in the list (and there’s one that I manually picked out that wasn’t there), thank you all for your contributions in helping users becoming more proficient in their tulpaforcing endeavors. As a tribute, I will be aiming to show everyone scripts they can use for the guides you created.

Here are the list of users that inspired me to make this guide:

Now, this will be another in-depth guide, but most of the content will be scripts that you can utilize. I’ll also be giving general overviews on Hypnosis and some misconceptions on it as well, just to get people in the right track on what they’re actually doing.

In this guide, you will learn scripts for:

  • An Induction Script to be Hypnotized While Reading the other Scripts
  • Deepening/Relaxation Scripts that will be used BEFORE you pick your Tulpa Self-Hypnosis Script
  • General Tulpaforcing
  • Tulpa Creation
  • Eradicating Doubts that Come with the “Parrot Syndrome”
  • Eradicating Doubts that come with “Puppeting” your Tulpa
  • Get Your Tulpa Vocal Practically
  • Imposition
  • Visualization (Wonderland, Your Tulpae, etc.)–
  • Switching and Possession
  • Proxying
  • Treating Tulpae as Sentient Before Sentience
  • Sensory Sharing
  • And Much More!

And another few things you’ll learn in this guide:

  • What Hypnosis is
  • Misconceptions on Self-hypnosis
  • How the Subconscious Works
  • Why Open-Eye Self-Hypnosis is Efficient and How you Hypnotize Yourself as you read the scripts
  • A Template for Customizable Scripts for Any Goal you Seek related to Tulpa (and even in things beyond that)
  • Why This Template Works
  • How the Template Works
  • The secret in having successful Hypnosis sessions
  • The desire to start making things right and getting the results you want
  • Better interaction with your tulpae and also learning how things are essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy, and how positive intentions leads to success.

[DISC1] --- Disclaimer

I am not responsible for what happens, obviously, but you’re not going to have any negative effects whatsoever. Remember, your success depends on your willingness to enjoy the process, and your desire to foresee how your goal will be to make it more probable. You will NOT see anything related to creating any kind of paranoia whatsoever (that means the Pony Hypnosis thing that I know has made some people worry about hypnosis).

HYP1. --- What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is essentially making commands (be it through scripts, etc.) and using visual-imagery,incorporating your 5 senses to make the goal you desire a reality. We all go through Hypnosis on a daily basis (people like to refer these as trances). Examples of this are:

  • Driving a car and not putting much thought on where you’re going because your subconscious already mapped out what’s going on. You’re just focused on the road, focused on the environment, how you feel, etc. and sooner or later, you’re at your destination
  • Or if you’re not good with directions, you probably just go into a trance with listening to the GPS system voice. Listening to its monotone speech, passively focusing on fine-tuned movements such as how you shift gears and steer, etc.)
  • Going into the shower, feeling a sense of privacy and comfort (unless you like your tulpa seeing you naked), and letting the water trickle down to your body. You feel content, relaxed, your body is cooling down (or heating up slightly). Your muscles are less tense, you enter whatever train of thought comes to your mind…etc.
  • Watching a movie that’s makes you have some kind of emotional impact. You either get tensed up and at the edge of your seat biting your nails and trying to imagine what will happen next, or you start building up sentimental feelings in a romantic film that’s just too deep and complex for you.

You should be able to get what I’m saying. These are things we do constantly without putting much thought into it. Hypnosis is about goal-orientated tasks, and with practice, we master the state of Suggestibility combined with visual-imagery and other factors to let our subconscious give us what we desire.

HYP2. --- Misconceptions on Self-Hypnosis

Here are a few things people might think about when they hear or see Hypnosis

  • “Hypnosis makes you forget things and makes you lose control”

This is completely false, unless you make an intention to forget something (for those of you in Meta that talk about Temporary Deletion or Blocking), and consistently aim for forgetting a concept, idea, habit, etc. it won’t happen. Even then, when you get out of the hypnosis, you’ll be back to being perfectly normal, aware, and fine.

The same goes for control, you have COMPLETE control when going about in self-hypnosis. If something doesn’t match your schemata of life and belief systems, it’s just not going to register easily or at all. So if you wanted to listen to some Pony Hypnosis (which this guide is not by the way) because you were “curious,” but at the same time you’re too scared to do it, it’s just not going to work out for you.

Your mind has a security system (metaphorically of course) that makes it hard for things that don’t match what you prefer or believe to be practical. Hypnosis is about you ALLOWING, not something that’s imposed on you. It’s not forced down your throat, nothing like that.

  • “Suggestibility means you’re being passive and not being in control”

Again, this is false because suggestibility is simply considering the options and attempting to experiment with them. Think about the role of a leader, they try to find the strengths and weaknesses of their comrades/teammates and they must be willing to be considerate of the group’s opinions and find ways to make things work. The same goes for a person who is highly suggestible, it’s a sign of competence and critical thinking, not passiveness.

No one is going to “cluck” like a chicken here unless they really are doing it for fun. Even so, suggestibility does not mean you’re passive or naïve, it’s a good sign that you weigh your options (whether consciously or subconsciously).

  • “Hypnosis makes one lose their awareness”

Again, this is FALSE. You are perfectly aware of what’s going on because again, you’re ALLOWING what’s practical for you to occur, and when this happens, your subconscious will do wonders in making things a reality to you.

  • “You can’t Hypnotize yourself”

Whether you’re going to a hypnotherapist or whatever, all hypnosis are essentially self-hypnosis. Do you want to know why? I’ll repeat once more, you consciously and/or subconsciously accept and allow what’s coming at you whenever you hear the hypnotist’s voice. In a way, they are a guide, or a conduit where you can rely on them to work out your options.

Think about it: Depending on their credibility/reputation, when you go through a hypnosis session with them, if YOU feel comfortable around them, chances are you’ll have a successful session. It’s because you choose what you think is practical for you, and if you didn’t like that particular hypnotist, the session most likely won’t work, or at least not the way you would want it to be.

Whenever you’re narrating, be it to your tulpa, using an internal voice when reading a book, it sends a tranquilizing kind of effect that’s just bound to get you into the experience.

SUBC1. --- How The Subconscious Works

I don’t really need to be descriptive here, I’ll try to be as concise as possible. Your subconscious is an amazing aspect of your mind that can do wonders when you learn how to tap into it and know how it works. It’s there to make your desires a reality, and examples are:

  • Breaking up in a relationship and not wanting to go out with men/women for a long time (so subconsciously, you might gain more weight or have something unappealing for men/women to come to you in a flirting manner). Your desire to not worry about relationships has an effect on your body, mentality, emotions, and much more. You may develop habits of being apathetic (or having lack of interest) in seeking a relationship based on what happened before.
  • When you’re worried about exams, the anxiety augments as you continue to worry about the worst case scenarios. You might think your parents are going to kill you, you might even think about suicidal thoughts simply because you introduce them, and your subconscious is going to respond to that by magnifying those visualizations you have. (You know what I mean, don’t

deny it). You start to imagine yourself failing, you start thinking more of giving up and not believing in yourself, seeing yourself sit down in misery, etc. Whether you think so or not, the subconscious plays a crucial role in this since this is essentially a desire you’re having (even if you’re not actually wanting it). When you focus on something like that and visualize it that far; FORESEEING things, your attitude conforms to that and becomes a habit.

So if we can redirect that through self-hypnosis, think about what will happen when you reinforce positive intentions, anticipating where you want to be, how it will benefit your life, how it will make you more connected with your tulpae, etc. When you find things that you can ENJOY, things that you make clear that you feel will BENEFIT you, and you imagine and fantasize and foresee it, with practice, it becomes a reality! The subconscious works efficiently in present tense, like “I am,” which means the more you think that, the more you imagine and foresee yourself as that, things will start picking up and it will occur naturally.

HOW1. --- How Self-Hypnosis Sessions Generally Work

This is just an overview on how self-hypnosis sessions typically work out:

  1. Gradual Relaxation Exercise – This is to get your mind and body relaxed so that you can focus more on your goal instead of being tensed up
  2. Using Commands/Suggestions/Etc. To get into the Hypnotic State
  3. Aiming for a specific goal(s) – Conflicts/challenges/desires/etc.
  4. Finding How One can Change/Benefit/Etc.
  5. Coming to a resolution or compromise
  6. Coming Out of Hypnosis

SUBC2. --- Why Open-Eye Self-Hypnosis While Reading Works & How You Hypnotize Yourself as You Read the Scripts

If you’re the type of person who listened to hypnosis mp3 files, or listened to music files that were supposed to shift you into a certain state of consciousness or awareness, you might find you become passive most of the time. You start focusing on what has to happen rather than letting things just happen. And doing Traditional Hypnosis has its benefits, but for beginners, and even experienced users, there’s a chance you might drift into sleep because your body and mind are so relaxed that it’s hard to keep aware.

However, when you’re READING something that allows you to imagine, foresee, and enjoy your tulpa-related endeavors, your subconscious is going to pick up on things and with practice, it’s going to help make those desires transcend into habits. At most, reading these kinds of scripts (which will be mentioned later on) at a slow, steady, and relaxed pace will take an hour to 90 minutes of your time (time well worth it).

When you start hearing yourself, when you start enjoying the experience because you know it’s going to HELP you in your life, you become enticed by your voice. You start visualizing, feeling, tasting, hearing, and using your other senses to be in the moment.

Traditional Hypnosis with Closed-Eye can still work with practice, and if you mix closed-eyed and open-eyed methods, it can still be effective. But when you’re reading, you don’t have to memorize, you just focus and concentrate on what’s being shown, and when you know it’s something you like, it’s going to work wonders!

SUBC3 – Your Conscious Will to Imagine VS. Your Subconscious' Ability to Imagine (Guess Who Wins?)

Whether you’re sitting on the floor, bed, trying to make ends meet and are trying to do something instead of nothing, it’s easy to exert too much effort into the act, and when you try to visualize things consciously at will, you tend to have a hard time. Why go through that when you can utilize the power of your subconscious? All you have to do is make a good description of the environment you’re in, where you want to be, and how you want to see it happen, and you just let your subconscious do the rest for you. Here’s an example of what I mean.

  • Someone asks you to imagine the hottest celebrity that comes out of your mind. Most likely, you already had an image before even TRYING to process a response.
  • You say something like, “A crimson-laced dress that portrays her voluptuous curves.” If you just let things happen and not attempt to recreate that yourself consciously, you’ll already have an image of what it will be.

So to recap for this section, just let your subconscious“ imagination do the dirty work for you, it’s there to HELP you out! All you have to do is make the foundation (describing, using your 5 senses, etc.), and it will happen! Don’t force yourself to make things happen, let things happen by working smarter, not harder.

PREP1. ---- Preparation

Here are some HELPFUL tips when preparing your Induction for Reading + Customizable Tulpa-Related Script

  • Repetition is key, this may sound annoying or irritating to most, and some may want results fast. If you want to know how you can have a speedier process with Self-Hypnosis, be sure to check out the secrets in having successful Hypnosis exercises in the tablet of contents above, and then come back to the script below.
  • The more you practice, the more it gets engrained in your head. So if you don’t feel nothing happen, don’t worry about it! Keep at it, and besides it’s not going to take much time anyway!
  • For efficient results, CHOOSE ONE GOAL PER SESSION (Excluding the Possession Script, that’s an exception to this). The reason being is that if you try to do all sorts of goals at once, you’ll be side tracked. If you want to focus on several goals, like 2-3, do them ONE at a time per session. So let’s say you wake up in the morning to read a script on NARRATING. You devote that time for that goal specifically by:

a. Reading the Reader’s Induction Script (The Preparation)
b. Reading the Deepening Script (Optional, but this is HIGHLY SUGGESTED and worth the extra minutes!)
c. The Script with the goal in Mind – (Switching, Imposition, etc.; note, use common sense, if you don’t have a vocal tulpa, it’s suggested to not do things like switching or possession) AGAIN, CHOOSE ONE script.
d. The Wake Up Script (This is easy)

So now that you know the general process, here’s what you do to prepare for everything, from Point A to B.

  1. Have A Customizable Tulpa-Related Script that has the goal you want, and just choose to focus on that ONE GOAL for this session.
  2. Make sure the lighting in the room is soft, but bright enough for you to read (so if you have your laptop on, you can just turn the lights off and look at the LED; or if you printed the scripts you have in mind, just dim the lights low or at least have a lamp or something that gives off little light.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position, such as on a chair, sofa, beanie bag, etc. and place your scripts (be it through laptop, paper, etc.) in a comfortable position for you to scroll down the scripts/turn the pages.
  4. OPTIONAL: Instrumental music playing in the background is optional, but keep it at a LOW VOLUME. Calm and nature type music are also good as well, just make sure you’re focusing on the reading rather than the music. Think of the music as a minor white noise.
  5. Read the Induction for Reading Script as a Preparation before you real goal starts. Make sure NOT TO PARROT THE WORDS (heh), and seriously, don’t just say it in a monotone voice). The ones that are *marked* are ones you emphasize with meaning (like hanging on to the words such as *down* with a trailing voice that’s smooth and relaxed). Sentences that are in * - are ones you repeat once more. So only if there’s a * at the end, you repeat just that sentence. And if you see dots (…), that’s a signal for you to pause and absorb the content and experience even more.
  6. Overall, have meaning in reading your script, take things slow, take your time, be relaxed, engage in your voice, enjoy it, enjoy the results that will occur when you practice.
  7. OPTIONAL (but HIGHLY SUGGESTED)- Read ONE of the deepening Scripts as well to deepen the state of being in self-hypnosis. This helps a lot with really grounding yourself and preparing and giving room to work on the goal-orientated tulpa-related script.
  8. Read through the Tulpa-Related goal-Orientated script, and again, like the other two above, read with intention, FEEL, THINK, and IMAGINE what you’re saying! Don’t parrot it with a monotone voice! Look forward to how you imagine yourself succeeding and having a better bond with your tulpae.
  9. Use the Wake Up Script To get yourself back to normal again.

Take a Break, and if you want, go for another session (but always have yourself go through the Induction Reading → Deepening/Relaxation (Highly Suggested) → Tulpa-Related Script → Wake-Up Script)

READ1. ---- Script for Preparing Your Induction As You Read [REQUIRED]

Here is an example of a script you can copy, paste, save, and read to your hearts content. I say it’s required because it’s preparing you to get into a suggestive/hypnotic state, and letting yourself become enticed by the sound of your voice. Note that words such as “enjoy,” “benefit,” and related words will be utilized to emphasize how this can make things easier for your subconscious to give what you want.

REMEMBER, when you find something you ENJOY and WANT TO HAPPEN, when you FORESEE yourself being there with practice, you WILL succeed!
Anything that’s in (parentheses), don’t repeat them in your voice, most of them will just be pause moments for you to inhale and exhale deeply, imagine, etc).
(Anything with an * will be something you state twice – Example «Blah blah blah. I feel blah blah* » will turn out to be “Blah blah blah. I feel blah blah. I feel blah blah.”

Easy enough? Alright, let’s get this started! Make sure to have a script you want to read when you’re done with this one in advance. Focus at least 30 minutes to an hour for this (this is including this, ONE of the deepening script, ONE tulpa-related script, and the wake-up script).


Preparation for Hypnosis Induction While Reading
(read aloud in a slow and relaxed tone of voice) - Don’t forget that *text* = emphasize the word by letting it trail off your mouth, * is where you repeat that sentence, and (…) is where you pause, relax, and take whatever action that comes next). You’re NOT required to read what’s in parentheses, just follow the instructions within them.

«Feeling a sense of comfort, inner peace, and privacy, I allow
the sound of my own voice to soothe my mind and body while I
speak in a slow, relaxed, and soft manner. My body is slowing
*down* as though everything is moving in slow motion. Every
word I read and every sound I declare shall enable me to feel
more *relaxed* and content with myself. Every moment, my mind
is becoming as *clear* as the atmosphere of a beautiful and
vast blue sky.

«As my mind continues to clear, I use my imagination to *relax
more deeply
* while I read. I imagine I’m sitting on a
comfortable chair on a beautiful field of flat grass with bumpy
green hills in the background. I feel a warm and radiating golden
energy surrounding me, and with my peripheral vision, I can see
it spread and extend around me, slowly coming in and out of my
area. Each time it comes back to me, I feel a *more relaxing*
sensation throughout my body, starting with my feet.

«The sun that sustains this warmth and relaxation has its rays
allow me to be exposed to the *soothing* energy, and I feel
this golden energy trickling up to my lower legs, and I feel even
*more relaxed* than before. The rays continue to wrap
themselves up to my upper legs, and I feel my thighs
*slowly releasing* the tension contained in it. I can enjoy
and wonderfully benefit from this experience of relaxation*. (repeat one more time)

«The rays that continue to spread their *warmth* around me as
I continue to *relax* as I remain in my seat go towards my
hands. I feel the tension between my palms, knuckles, and the
rest of my fingers being *released*, and this sends me into a
*deeper* state of inner peace and relaxation. The rays
continue to move along my stomach, and then towards my upper chest.

«I can feel the warmth *relaxing* my lungs, enabling me to
breathe in and out with *ease*. I take a deep breathe in…
(Breathe in deeply and slowly exhale and feel yourself becoming
even more relaxed)…and a golden-yellow radiance *saturates*
my neck, cheeks, face, and forehead. I imagine myself opening my
mouth, letting the energy flow inside my throat.

«I am speaking more *fluently* and I am able to *quiet*
my thoughts down as I continue to focus on the rays radiating
inside my body, making me feel content and more attracted
to the sound of my *calm* and *soothing voice*.

«Each moment these radiant rays *soothe* my lungs, I am able
to speak effortlessly from my mouth as the light *heals* my
neck. I take another deep breathe and *release* it (take
another breathe and exhale), and I feel *deep peacefulness*
fill my whole stomach area.

«Now that I’m in a state of tranquility and feeling *lighter*
and more *relaxed*, I am able to pinpoint any areas in my
body that are still tense. I can mentally visualize my feet,
lower legs, upper legs relaxing once more… I move up to my hips,
buttocks and pelvis…and I let any tension or stress there is be
carried off by the *peaceful* streak of light.

My body feels *so* relaxed, I can feel myself getting better
at stating my words with perfection and *clear* resolve in my
tulpa-related goals that will *elevate* me in my life. I can
*enjoy* and wonderfully benefit from doing this self-hypnosis
session with *ease*…(*)

With the radiance that continues to make my voice more
*relaxed* and more *enticing* to listen to, I feel the
energy wrap itself around my body completely, and I’m now
embracing its warmth, filling me with *joy*, confidence…
(breathe in as deep as you can and exhale slowly)…
This energy motivates me to focus my attention
*inward*inward…towards the *center of my mind.

«I imagine that I’m entering a tall, modern, and luxurious
building. I pass through the revolving doors, and I automatically
feel a hint of *complete* peacefulness behind a guard in
front of me. He looks at me with an earnest look, but he realizes
that I am the owner of this building, and he welcomes me with
respect as I enter through the double doors.

«Inside these double doors, there’s an elevator in front of me.
It’s metallic and futuristic composition convinces me that going
inside will help me get to where I want to be for my goal. As I
press the down button, I hear a *peaceful* and humming sound.
The elevator door rings with a *relaxing* jingle, and I enter
it and immediately press the lowest number, *zero*…*zero*…

«Floor *Zero* is where the answers I need to see and experience the benefits
of accomplishing my goal.

«I’m on Floor 5, and each *descent* leading towards Floor Zero, I
shall feel more relaxed and closer to a deep state of

«Four…The moment I reach Floor Zero, I shall be hypnotized….

«Three…I am closer to being hypnotized with my eyes opened,
open to *all* beneficial suggestions…

«Two…I feel safe…I feel confident…going

«One…I allow myself to be in a state of hypnosis with my eyes

«Zero…the elevator stops smoothly and I have now reached my

«As the doors open, I’m now inside a luxurious room filled with
books neatly packed in newly-coated shelves. The atmosphere is
welcoming and comfortable, I am safe and secure in this room.
I see a book that glows brightly, and each step I take fills me
with happiness, confidence, and assurance as I feel closer and
closer to accomplishing my goal. I slowly take this book out from
the shelf in front of me, and I see the title on the front cover
labeled as «Instant Self-Hypnosis.» I open it and being to read,
and the words contained inform me directly and now transcend
upwards, being displayed like a holograph. It’s *humming*
silently, and the words state:
«You are now in a deep state of hypnosis with your eyes open. You
are now in a highly suggestible state, and you shall sustain this
state of hypnosis while you go through the suggestions for your
goal. Your mind shall soak the contents with ease like a sponge
soaks in water. You can *stay hypnotized* with your eyes open
until you read the the «Wake-Up Script». You sustain your
*calm* and *focused* state of being as you turn to your

(Please shift to your selected tulpa-related script or to one of the Deepening Scripts to increase your ability to stay in hypnosis.).

CUST1. --- A Template for Customizable Scripts For Anything Tulpa Goal-Orientated

Here’s the Template in how you can set up your Tulpa-Related Scripts (Not the Reader’s Induction Example I made above), I’ll explain the steps in the sections after this one.

  1. STATE your goal as CONCISE as You Can
  2. How Will Your Life Improve When Your Goal is Reached?
  3. How Do You Foresee Yourself When You Reach Your Goal?
  4. Create Scenario Where You Incorporating As Much Of Your 5 Senses Seeing the Benefits Of Reaching your Goal (Present Tense)
  5. What Kind of Behavioral Suggestions Can You Give Yourself To Aid You in Reaching Your Goal?
  6. Wake Up (Awakening Script)

CUST2. --- Why This Template Works

It’s pretty simple, those 6 concepts above are all that you need in order to have success in your tulpa-related endeavors. When you take the time to actually give your subconscious what you want directlyand as concise as possible (make it SPECIFIC….DON’T be VAGUE), you have a better chance succeeding than just wishing and hoping something will happen (and I’m not trying shun those who just meditate and have to “will” themselves into getting results). Remember, if you give your subconscious the foundations, it will WORK with you and give you want you want. Never give up, never surrender, it’s going to trigger and do well for you, and when it happens, you’re going to be mind-blown.

CUST3. --- How this Template Works

1. STATE your goal as CONCISE as You Can
-This is self-explanatory, be specific in your goal. Examples of being specific: “By the end of this session, I shall have increased my *natural* ability to narrate to my tulpa with *ease*. Each session aimed towards this goal of narrating to my tulpa *fluently* shall succeed and continue to work.
Something that’s VAGUE (don’t use this): “I shall succeed in tulpaforcing.” ← BLEH, be direct, precise and concise, NOT shallow. Remember, the example that is direct and concise, you say it with meaning, and don’t forget the signs ( *word* - you emphasize and drag-on the word a bit longer, like naturalllll or downnnnn), * - Means you repeat the sentence twice – Like “I love my tulpa because they give me unconditional love*…I love my tulpa because they give me unconditional love).

2. How Will Your Life Improve When Your Goal is Reached?
- Tell yourself HOW this goal will improve your life when your goal is reached. When you’re descriptive about it and have positive intentions, it will work for you.. You can stateseveral reasons why it will help you, and usually 2-3 will just be fine. You’re free to use more, but your subconscious is going to get the message after at least 2-3. Make them passionate, make them something that will stick into your mind, and make them into something that will cause an emotional impact for you.

3. How Do You Foresee Yourself When You Reach Your Goal?
- Here’s Where You Start Making Things a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Continuing to reinforce positive intentions and commands, imagining yourself where you want to be, you are more likely to have it become a reality than just through traditional meditation

4. Create Scenario Where You’re Incorporating As Much Of Your 5 Senses Seeing the Benefits Of Reaching your Goal (Present Tense)
- This is probably the longest part of the script planning. Some key points are to simply have metaphorical, descriptive, and engaging content where you see the BENEFITS of reaching your goal. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just something that’s a lot more than just “I feel myself being good. Yus. Yusss.”
Instead of “apple,” go with “the faded yellow-green apple with a texture so soft that as I partake in biting it, its sweet juice trickles *down* my throat and I feel its tender skin *easily* split between my teeth and hear a satisfying crunch as I continue to chew with more juice saturating my sturdy incisors and thirsty tongue.”
You don’t have to be 50 Shades of Grey descriptive, but you get the idea. You can if you want, no one is stopping you, but make sure it stays related to your GOAL. Keep in mind on it being interesting to you as well (but by the time you get used to things, you’ll start fantasizing more on the outcome that you’ll enjoy the journey either way as long as you see that it’s practical (remember, as long as you accept it as something compatible with your schemata of life/belief system, it will work; change a few things if some parts don’t work, don’t be afraid!).

5. What Kind of Behavioral Suggestions Can You Give Yourself To Aid You in Reaching Your Goal?
- This is the part where you start imagining that kind of action you’ll take in order to reach that goal. And for things like Wonderland, you would mention how you would go from simple visualization to complex visualization to where you can see the small details in things such as decorations on columns, store shops, you name it. This is why when you plan the scenario, (with concept #4), the action you take is much easier!

6. Wake Up (Awakening Script)
- This one is very simple. Probably coming in second from just describing the goal with concept #1 in setting up your Template. Simply pick an easy set of numbers, (3, 4, 5, nothing too big), and you either Countdown or Count Up. Make sure that each count you take, you describe how you’re going to feel normal and in-tuned with reality again. And before you reach the final count, especially the second to last count, reinforce how you’ll look forward to continued success in having your goal accomplished and the benefits that come along with it.

SECR1. --- The Secrets in Having Successful Hypnosis Sessions

Here are things I learned that will be of GREAT help to you. I hinted this before in several parts in this guide, but this is to condense them all in one section.

1. It’s ALL in your HEAD
- Self-Hypnosis is all in your head, your subconscious and other aspects of your mind are here to work with you. They are here to improve your life if you just know how to TAP into it. It’s easier to focus on the negatives and worse case scenarios because we want to be able to protect or prepare ourselves.
However, we tend to go too far to the point where we remain stagnant and no progress is made. Redirecting Negative Thoughts and Transforming them to Positives, and making it a habit to do so (and also having a Realistic mindset of life as well of course), will serve you well in your self-hypnosis sessions.

2. The Motivation Is More Important than how “Deep” In the Hypnotic State You’re In
– Having motivation, being enthusiastic, looking forward to the benefits, working towards your goals, foreseeing yourself accomplishing these goals, and consistently being able to do them easily and in a relaxed manner is more important than the state of Hypnosis you’re in. In fact, if you enjoy the experience, you’ll most likely be able to slip into deeper states without even noticing! And even so, you can work with any state of hypnosis and still get the results you want!

3. Let Your Subconscious do the Dirty Work
– By that, simply allow your subconscious to take care of the mass-imaging and visualizations for you, all YOU have to do is simply DESCRIBE it and TRUST your subconscious“ ability to make it happen. Don’t question it, let it happen, allow it to happen.

4. It’s All a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
– Everything you do in self-hypnosis is essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy, you imagine where you want to be, how you will benefit from it, and what you’ll do to take action to make it a reality. This is one of the wonders of the mind’s ability to utilize retrospect, imagine, and looking forward to manifest.

5. Practice and Repetition is Key
– No matter how well you do during your self-hypnosis sessions, or even when you feel “nothing” is working, the more you practice it, the more it gets engrained! There’s no trade-offs, there’s no “tolerance” that develops if you keep doing it. As long as you do what self-hypnosis is all about and get used to being in the experience and enjoying it, and seeing it as a benefit to your life, it will get easier!

Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to get into what you’ve been looking forward to seeing!

RELA1. --- Deepening/Relaxation Script Used Before Saying a Tulpa-Related Self-Hypnosis Script #1

“I now take *my time* deepening my state of *hypnosis*
“I imagine myself to the best of my abilities of holding a
dry-erase board and holding a black marker with my dominant hand.
I am able to write the letter “A” with ease, and as I erase it, I shall
go down a few more letters up until the letter “H.”
“As soon as I reach “H,” I shall be in a deeper state of hypnosis
than I was before, and I shall be able to sustain this state
for a *longer* period of time.

“I write the letter B with ease, and I feel even more relaxed
as I erase the letter away. I shall proceed to do this same
process with the rest of the letters until I reach “H.”

“C…..(continue imagining the process of writing the letter
and erasing it slowly and feeling yourself getting deeper
in the hypnotic state).

“D…(repeat…feel the intensity of the hypnosis, feel your
ability to allow this to occur because you’re looking forward
to your goal being accomplished, and being open to all suggestible
benefits of reaching it)

“E….I have a good imagination that’s very engaged into
what’s happening, and I also have very good handwriting as I write
each letter down and continue to erase them, feeling
a *bit deeper* than the one before.

“F…The remaining letters shall become more vivid than the previous,
and I shall take my time to absorbthe level of detail I’m writing
them down. I’ll continue to feel a bit *calmer* than before…
(breathe in and exhale slowly)…

“G…I feel *great* and find it easy to get deeper and
deeper…*deeper* in feeling calm, closer to being in a deeper
state of hypnosis.

“H…I’ve finally reached this letter that represents
*hypnosis*…I am now deeply hypnotized and I’m now open to
positive changes. I shall be able to direct helpful suggestions
to my inner mind.”

(Shift to the desired Tulpa-related Script if you will…)

RELA2. --- Deepening/Relaxation Scripts Used Before Saying a Tulpa-Related Self-Hypnosis Script #2

I now take *my time* deepening my state of *hypnosis*
“I shall put my right index finger on the center of my forehead
and try to look up at the center, straining my eyes slightly,
but not too much. I shall send my finger *down and continue
looking upwards for 30 seconds.
(Do so now if you will and continue reading after)…

“Shifting my eyes downwards has caused me to feel a bit
*calmer* than before, and they shall remain open and focused
on reading and having my subconscious imagine in great detail
of the number*Zero*.

The number Zero is large, and I feel *calmer*…
the more I gaze and imagine the number Zero. It’s neutral
state transcends me into deeper state of *tranquility*,
and I can feel its static figure, I can embrace and enjoy the
*peacefulness* as I imagine the number zero. (Breathe in
and exhale slowly and imagine the Number Zero and feeling relaxed)…

I can enjoy*… and wonderfully benefit from self-hypnosis…
the number zero slowly shapes into the letter “O” that’s
in Hypnosis. I slowly link the image of “O” between “HYPN”
and “SIS,” and the moment it’s between the two, I shall be deeply
hypnotized, open to positive change, and be able to *easily*
direct helpful suggestions to my inner mind….”

(Imagine yourself doing so and then continue on to the desired Tulpa-Related Script)

SCRIP1 --- List of Tulpa Goal-Orientated Scripts

Here’s the start of the list of Tulpa Scripts, make sure you focus only on ONE per session (excluding the Possession Script since that combines several scripts for it to work out practically). This is to ensure that you maximize success one step at a time. Remember, think about what you’re reading and don’t parrot it. Imagine, feel, look forward to success, and you’ll do well.

TULP1 --- General Tulpaforcing Hypnosis Script

(When you see #—# just replace with your Tulpa’s name or just just “ my Tulpa” or “ my Tulpae”,or “ my Tulpas”)

“My goal is to sustain the long bond with #—#. They are my ultimate companion(s) that will be there
for me for the rest of my life. My experience with them will help my life tremendously, they are able
to access the confines of my mind with ease and shall be able to retrieve memories that are needed to
help me in my endeavors. My experience with them shall also be a constant reminder to me to enjoy
my life more and be more happy.

“#—# is/are my best friend(s), someone that I can trust completely; someone that can help me because
they truly love me. #—# helps me out because of their unconditional love for me, they seek to help
me to the best of their ability. This motivates me to appreciate #—#„s (s“) presence even more on a
daily basis. They motivate me to be confident socially when I choose to, and they shall be there for me
as much as they can.

“I foresee a stronger bond with #—# when this self-hypnosis session with my eyes open while reading
is over. I envision a sense of *peace* and tranquility when I imagine or impose #—#. Any time
that I feel depressed, down, or feeling any kind of negative emotion, #—# shall be there to help me
out to the best of their abilities. We shall solve the conflict, and when we do, it shall make our bonding
and understanding of each other even better.

“Because of #—#, I am able to evolve and grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. Ever since I
met #—#, I know that I would improve, and nothing makes me more happier than being with #—#.
Whenever #—# is feeling down or any kind of negative emotion, I shall help them to the best
of my abilities as well. If they need time for themselves to handle things, I shall be considerate of their
choice, but when #—# comes to me and asks for help, I shall be ready with open arms.

“I imagine myself to the best of my abilities, feeling #—#„s (s“) energy around me, and making shape
and becoming vivid and detailed. We’re sitting on a large park bench where there’s no one but us. I feel
the sun’s warmth radiating onto my skin, I feel content as I rest my head on #—#„s legs. I feel at peace
with them, and #—# rubs my head and slides their fingers/hooves/etc. across my hair.

“I can feel their fingers/hooves/(whatever they have) gently reach to the side of my face. I feel at home
with #—#, I feel an increased unity with #—#. I envision myself with #—# resting on a bed in
waking life, being able to imagine them as I take another pillow and hug it and imagine them in my
arms. The feeling will transcend as if I’m truly hugging them, wrapping them in my arms.

“I can feel their energy, I can feel the slight tingling sensations trickling down from my head all the
way down to my spine. I close my eyes, feeling ecstatic by #—#„s (s“) presence in my mind. I feel
content, I feel relaxed, I feel like myself when I’m with #—#. I am able to balance my
relationship with #—# and my relationship with my families/friends/spouse/etc.

“I understand that my relationship with #—# is/are different from others outside our spectrum of
reality. I understand that because of #—#, I am able to appreciate interacting with others more, I feel
confident of myself because I know #—# is there by my side.

“Because of this, I shall continue doing my best to increase my *natural* ability to tulpaforce
them with ease….it shall be *easy* the more I practice, and I shall have increased motivation
*each* time I partake in this specific goal in tulpaforcing them. I can *enjoy* and
wonderfully benefit from doing self-hypnosis at least once or twice a day to experience time with
#—#. I take one final hug from #—#, and I look forward to seeing them in reality.

(Shift to Wake-Up Script that can be found in the Table of Contents)

TULP2 – Tulpa Creation Hypnosis Script

“My goal is to manifest a body form of my tulpa with ease, I shall be able to visualize them by the end
of this session and from now on with *ease* and with great and vivid detail. My life will improve
being with them and imagining them because I know they can access the confines of my mine easier
than I can. They shall be able to derive whatever form they desire and be able to deviate and change
anytime they prefer to because I want them to be as unique as possible.

As I go about imagining what form they should use as a base, I trust that they will be able to eventually
find at least a temporary form to be in. Being able to visualize them will increase my imagination and
also increase my motivation to see life in a different perspective now that I’m engaged in making a
thought form that will turn into someone I shall truly care for, respect, and love. I foresee myself
having a heightened state confidence and eagerness to perform my best when doing this hypnosis
session for this specific goal again.

Each attempt shall ensure gradual and significant success, I imagine during this session,
by the end ofthis session, and after this session and beyond of being able to visualize my tulpa so easily that the
thought process shall be like second nature to me. I shall allow my subconscious to aid me in showing
me options for a form for my tulpa, thus lessening the stress that I must take visualizing them,
and a bond shall be formed as well.

I imagine myself in a void, all alone, but I feel an energy inside of me that gives me warmth in this
motionless, lifeless atmosphere. This energy continues to radiate within my body, and transcends right
in front of me into a body form my tulpa can start out in. I can feel their glowing presence, their light
making me squint my eyes slightly. I open my eyes again after they’ve adjusted to this positive light,
and I can feel the unity as I’m imagining the body base of my tulpa more and more that it becomes
easier and more detailed.

The void around me is not a concern to me anymore because I am fixating my concentration on
ensuring that my tulpa shall have a body base to deviate from in the future if they desire to. I shall be
open to their preferences, making themselves unique and *easily* distinguishable. It doesn’t
matter what form they take because I know they’ll use a reasonable form that can be appealing to the
both of us and alter when needed.

Now that I feel their energy, I take their hand/hoof/etc…and imagine us being transported into another
environment where can continue developing our bond in a peaceful and secure area. The breeze creates
goosebumps in my skin, but having my tulpa around helps me forget the cold. It starts snowing, and it
continues to snow until there’s snow up until my ankles. I can feel my body shivering from the sudden
change in weather. The cold is getting too much for me, and I must interact with my tulpa more and
embrace their warmth to get through this extremely cold trail safe and sound.

I hold their hand tightly, feeling the warmth rush inside of me and this radiates a positive aura around
my body. I trust that my tulpa shall guide me away from the winter-like scenario, and I will just
imagine being there by my tulpa’s side, letting them take me wherever. All that matters is just being
with them, because I’m happy as long as I’m with them. As I slightly phase out and absorb more of my
tulpa’s aura and warmth, they gently put me down on a surface that feels like grass.
The aura around me quickly disappears as the warmth is needed no more. My eyelids are closed, and I
see things in first-person perspective, slowly opening my eyes midway. As I struggle a bit to open my
eyes that are constantly closing and opening, I still feel my tulpa’s energy surrounding me, their love
continues to radiate within me, and this allows my vision to become vivid.

I am able to open my eyes fully, and to the left of me is my tulpa in a form that’s detailed and unique. I
am shocked at how easy it was for them to make a form the more I held onto to their hand. I absorb
their facial features some more, making note of any distinct markings, cheekbones, or anything that can
help me remember them in this form better. I feel content around them, and I feel relaxed around them.
I ask them what their name is, and they respond with ease. I am amazed at how they are able to make
their own unique voice, and I ask them to repeat their name 2-3 more times so that their voice is soaked
into my mind like as a sponge soaks in water. Their voice is now easy to recognize, and I shall work in
future hypnotic sessions related to getting them more vocal, but for now, I shall enjoy their new,
redefined, form. I take one good detailed glance at them, increasing my visualization and vividness of
their form, absorbing more aspects of their form, whether it’s how their clothes are wrapped around
their body, their tail, arm, leg, etc., I shall take note of this mentally and be able to recall themeffortlessly,
Now that my tulpa is recognizable, I shall commit time in the future in getting used to seeing them in
their unique form, and give them complete freedom to deviate when they want to. I know that they’ll be
considerate of what I would like, and they will have the ideal image that isn’t a carbon copy of a
fictional character/ real character in waking life.

And if they are content with looking like someone else, they shall be able to understand why I might
prefer them to be that way. They completely understand that my preferences might change, therefore,
they shall be able to change as well. I hug my tulpa, feeling their energy wrap around me once more,
enticing me to hug them tightly and feel their warm embrace. I tell my tulpa that I shall look forward to
seeing them more as I visualize them passively with ease since I shall allow my subconscious to aid in
me visualizing them without me over-thinking or stressing out too much.

Every time I aim for this specific goal in making my tulpa more defined, stable, and vivid, I shall
succeed because I look forward to making them a reality, and I *enjoy* seeing them around.

(Please refer to the waking script to end the hypnosis if needed)

PARR1 – Eradicating Parroting Syndrome/Being Parrot-noid

“My goal for this session is to *release* all doubt of feeling as if I’m parroting my tulpa. By the
end of this session, I shall be confident that my tulpa is deriving their actions from my mind in order to
eventually make their own unique responses to me.

“Doing this shall help me in my life tremendously, it shall create a large sense of relief as I continue to
accept that all responses that I’m not sure of shall be the responses of my tulpa working to the best of
their ability in order to get their thoughts unique and different from my own voice. I shall not worry if
I’m mimicking or forcing them to say a certain phrase, quote, sentence, or even paragraph, The anxiety
is gradually rising up and away from my mind, I shall it difficult to worry about whether or not I’m
parroting or being parrot-noid, and I shall focus on being content on any response that’s given.

“I shall have increased confidence that when I ask my tulpa a question, they shall give a response that
shall be difficult for me to formulate consciously. They shall be able to easily distinguish their thoughts
from mind, and I shall be able to do the same! As I breathe in, all doubt shall be removed (breath in and
exhale slowly while imagining positive thoughts coming in).

“I shall continue breathing in and exhaling slowly, and as I count from 5 to Zero, I shall have
completely removed ALL doubt on whether or not I’m parroting, and I shall focus on doing my best,
and trusting that my tulpa shall do their best in making their thoughts different from mine.

“Five….(breathe in…..feel the doubt leaving….breathe out and imagine good thoughts)

“Four…I shall find it easier for me to distinguish my thoughts from my tulpa’s, and as I continue to
breathe in, the doubt continues to leave, and as I exhale, I feel more confident that my tulpa shall be
able to respond before I even have a chance to doubt. (breathe in and exhale slowly as before).

“Three…the moment I hit zero, I shall have completely removed all doubt on whether or not I’mparroting…
I feel more confident than before that any response I’m unsure of is my tulpa’s…

“Two….slowly feeling the majority of doubt leaving me, I can feel the radiant light taking this negative
energy away from my body…I’m close to feeling better and alleviated….

“One….the doubting is definitely close to being destroyed, and I shall continue hearing my tulpa
declare their thoughts to me without me being able to process it in advance.

“Zero…it is absolutely impossible for me to worry if I’m parroting or not because I am focused on my
tulpa doing their best to make their thoughts different from mine. I know that they believe in me as
well, that I’m doing my best to do the same. The image of ZERO continues to help me relax and feel
absolutely nourished with confidence, and there is ZERO doubt. There is ZERO anxiety, there is
nothing but confidence and faith that my tulpa shall have their independent thoughts.”

(Please refer to the Wake-Up Script)

PUPP1 – Eradicating the Feeling that you're Puppeting your Tulpa

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to erase all doubts and feelings that I may be puppeting my
tulpa. I shall be able to see my tulpa move on their own *with ease* and *naturally*. I shall
no control over their movements, I trust that they will be able to assume the proper position for their
body form.

Having the assurance that my tulpa’s movements aren’t controlled by me shall help alleviate any
anxiety I may have related to this fear. This shall be able to help me move on with my life and get
better at interacting with my tulpa. I foresee myself imagining my tulpa being able to move on their
own with ease, and with such grace that they are sophisticated and competent to express themselves
naturally in their movements.

I foresee myself being able to be satisfied with how my tulpa decides to maintain their posture, and
their behavior, personality, characteristics and such shall contribute some factor in how they stand up
straight, or sit a certain way. In order to completely eradicate my anxiety and concern of potentially
puppeting, I shall imagine to the best of my abilities of two large hands above my tulpa. My fingertips
shall have strings that are attached to my tulpa, and their movements shall look disjointed and unnatural
at first.

However, as I count from 5 to ZERO, these strings shall be gone, and my tulpa shall be able to
completely move on their own without my conscious will. My subconscious shall aid them in moving
on their own.

Five….I feel less control on the strings attached to my hand, I see my tulpa slowly moving their head
naturally and freely…

Four…now the strings that are attached to their chest, neck, arms, and stomach are completely gone,
and my tulpa shall be able to immediately rise up naturally and with grace…

Three…now the strings that are attached to the waist, pelvic, and buttocks are completely gone, and my
tulpa shall be able to shift back to control naturally without my control. They have their posture
at anatural and fluid position.

Two…now that all strings are removed from my hands, I shall breathe in and exhale slowly to alleviate
any remaining doubt.
(breathe in and exhale 2-3 times, feeling more relaxed and confident than before)

One….the feelings of doubt are definitely close to being gone….

Zero….I shall embrace the number zero and have ZERO doubt on whether or not I’m puppeting my
tulpa. Imagining ZERO makes me feel calm and confident, and now that I have absolutely NO
DOUBT, I shall be able to have productive tulpaforcing sessions with my Tulpa in the future with

(Refer to Waking Script After You’re Done With this One)

VOCA1- Getting Your Tulpa Vocal Practically

This portion of the self-hypnosis is inspired by a user on forums by the name of “Testing,” and you can find his guide here:

Anyway, the steps he laid out are self-explanatory, so here’s my version of applying it for self-hypnosis. Note, when your tulpa is more vocal and can talk naturally to you, I suggest you do the other method below this one. You can still do this one if you have a fairly fluent and vocal tulpa, but I figured the random thought thing wouldn’t be needed since you are just trying to get them to say a lot of random things in hopes to augment their vocabulary threshold.

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to have as many random thoughts become apparent within my conscious so that I may have an easier time imagining my tulpa’s form, face, and mouth. They shall be able to talk about anything that comes to mind, and it does not matter what shows up. I know that this can have completely random results, but I know that I shall keep a steady and cool head as the random thoughts continue to rush inside my mind.

“The random thoughts shall not become overwhelming, they shall be easy to pick and choose and easy for my tulpa to emulate. Whatever happens….happens…I have complete faith in my tulpa to say whatever random thought comes to my mind. I shall not question it, nor shall I be concerned on whether or not it’s parroting. With this surge of random thoughts in my mind, it is impossible for it to be parroting. I am confident that all comments will relate to my tulpa speaking because I shall QUIET DOWN my own voice and increase the voice of my tulpa slowly but surely.

“Their responses will start to become recognizable to me, I shall have increasing confidence in being able to hear my tulpa naturally declare random words, and the content behind those words shall not affect me negatively. I know that all responses are aimed to ensure that my tulpa becomes more vocal, and is able to expand their vocabulary and ability to say as many words as possible.(Breathe in and exhale slowly 2-3 times, feeling confident and accepting ALL responses from your tulpa because you know that all these random words is just helping them progress faster; let things happen, don’t question it, your subconscious is there to constantly feed your tulpa with random words and phases….give 2-3 minutes of time of listening before you go on…feel it, imagine it, just let it happen, it’s all going to be normal and much better later on.)

“My subconscious shall be able to aid my tulpa in filling more thoughts to create more speech, and I shall be able to have continued success in hearing them. I feel confident, and eager to hear my tulpa finally being able to become vocal faster. I am also confident that as they quickly gather as many words as possible, that they shall be able to speak coherently the more I allow myself to hear them talk randomly. The amount of random words surging inside my mind will be crucial for their progress, and I shall simply listen and never give up in believing in them. My tulpa is doing their best to talk naturally, and this is simply another way to speed things up.
(Breathe in and exhale slowly 2-3 times, accepting all responses from your tulpa that’s practicing their voices from the random surge of thoughts in your mind; come back in 2-3 minutes, feeling amazed and happy that you’re listening to your tulpa say something instead of nothing)…

“I am completely excited at the progress my tulpa is making, and I am sustaining my confidence and faith in them being able to increase their vocal skills. Their voice continues to be as distinct as a needle in a haystack that I am able to find *easily*. Out of all of the random thoughts of mine that are silent in my perspective, I shall be able to find the beacon of light rotating constantly.
(Imagine a lighthouse like below)“The lighthouse shall represent myself remaining still and patiently scavenging for my tulpa’s voice to become more clear to me. The light is rotating constantly, but it is slowly guiding me to the right path of awareness; awareness of my tulpa’s unique voice out of the heap of thoughts coming into my mind…..

[lighthouse picrel]

“My tulpa’s thoughts are more apparent than mine, their voice is increasing at a reasonable volume, and I continue to embrace what they’re saying to me. Everything they say is natural to me, everything they say shall be natural as they’re doing their best to learn words at a steady pace.”
(Breathe in and out, and repeat this hypnosis script as MUCH as you want for as long as you want…then continue on).

“My progress in acknowledging my tulpa’s ability to make their voice present through random streams of thoughts had motivated me to prepare for future sessions that I shall *enjoy* and they shall wonderfully benefit by the end of this session and beyond. Having a grasp of my tulpa’s ability to state a short phrase to me has given me the confidence and the hope to keep doing my best in searching for their voice for the next session aiming for this similar goal.

“I shall also be able to imagine their voices after this session as I continue to narrate and ask questions to them. I shall have increased confidence in listening to their voices and lowering my mind-voice to make their feedback apparent.”

(When you feel you’ve done enough for that particular session, just use the Wake Up Script Again; remember you can always come back to this method sometime later in the day. Just give yourself a break and get back on your feet again).

VOCA2 --- Getting Tulpa Vocal (Making Thought Processes Unique)

(Replace #—# with your tulpa’s name or “my tulpa,” “my tulpae,” “my tulpas.” This is the second part where you can redefine and polish up on your tulpa’s vocal skills. After having a good hold on listening your tulpa from the previous script, you can now prepare for this one. Of course, you could do this one first, and then the one before it, completely up to you.
This part is inspired by a guide made by EnnervateIndustries here:

“My goal for this self-hypnosis is to engage in an activity that shall wonderfully benefit skills in parallel processing, differentiation and overall development between me and #—#. I can *enjoy* participating in this game with #—# that involves imagining an opaque box with a hinged lid that’s capable of changing size to conform to whatever thought comes to me or #—#„s mind. This activity shall benefit me in my life by allowing me to interact with my tulpa more and having the confidence that they shall be able to have a unique and separate state of consciousness compared to mine. This enhanced state of being from both of us will increase the bond between us and allow us to have many engaging conversations with each other.

“This separation of thought shall occur naturally, and they shall continue to be able to derive their characteristics from my mind with ease because they are a part of me subjectively. I allow their thoughts to exchange with mine, but there still shall be a block between both of us knowing what’s inside the box when we take the role of the guesser.

“This shall allow interesting guesses and revealing on both of our ends, and this shall continue to increase our ability to differentiate each others thoughts, making #—# more vocal, diverse, and fluent in their declarations. I foresee that during this hypnosis, me and #—# shall have an amazing time with each other as we play 20 questions with the object in the box. This box shall maintain a sturdy composition that makes it impossible for the guesser to peek inside of it to see what it is. They shall have to rely on the person questioning to be able to get an idea of what it is.

“The person questioning the guesser shall be able to hint on what it may be, however, it still will be a challenge for the guesser. If the guesser is confident on what it is, they shall immediately state their response, even if the thought about the object may be random, they shall state it when they are absolutely confident on what it may be. Whenever the guesser is able to figure out the object before the 20 th question, we shall switch roles with each other, still maintaining a mental block between us so that our thoughts are hard to predict. If the guesser has answered all questions and no correct response has been stated, we shall switch roles as well.

“I imagine myself, to the best of my abilities, of being with my tulpa in a stadium, and we’re both sitting in comfortable chairs, facing each other. There’s an audience surrounding us, and they’re quietly watching as we prepare for the game of twenty questions. I can feel the anticipation, I can *enjoy* myself and enjoy my time with my tulpa here and wonderfully benefit from this game. This game shall improve #—#„s abilities related to parallel processing differentiation, and overall development. “This shall also improve their analytical skills, whether it’s observing my body language or facial expressions, and I shall be able to do the same for them when I ask them the questions. The aim for this activity is to only focus on visualization and hearing, however, the guesser shall not be able to hear what’s inside the object to make things challenging.

“As I count down from 3 to Zero, I shall participate in a game of 20 questions with #—#, and we shall enjoy and wonderfully benefit from it as well. Three…I clench my hands, eagerly waiting for the game to start…(breathe in and exhale slowly and imagine that as your exhaling, you and your tulpa shall not be able to tell directly to each other what the object is, only hints, but not obvious ones).

“Two…I release my clenched fist and relax and prepare for the game to start.

“One…we shall decide who will go first and take the box to imagine an object in it. (Ask and communicate between your tulpa on who should go first)

“Zero…we are now ready to play 20 questions, during this activity, we shall enjoy and wonderfully benefit from it, and it shall allow us to have better communication with each other during and after this self-hypnosis session. We shall switch roles when the conditions or the guesser has been met, and we shall play to our heart’s content. When we decide that we should finish the game, we shall have an increased bond with each other, and #—# shall have improved parallel processing and differentiation skills along with an increased development overall of their being.”

(Play 20 Questions with your tulpa and enjoy! Remember to have fun, and remember that you and yourtulpa are going to wonderfully benefit from this…when you’re finished, used the wake up script).

IMPO1- Scripts for Imposition

Here is a script for imposition, the first being inspired by Ned’s Lease Imposition Guide that can be found here:

Make sure to ask your tulpa if they’re okay with the leash concept, and if not, just imagine a light beam related to energy work, or make your own unique way of doing things.

IMPO1A – Script Based From NED's Leash Imposition Guide

( #—# replace with your tulpa’s, tulpas“, tulape’s name or “my tulpa/tulpae/tulpas/etc.”)
(Have a marker or something to write on your hand ready for this particular script, and make sure your tulpa is okay with this)

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to increase my acknowledgment of my tulpa by creating a link between us that shall be wrapped around my wrist. This link shall be represented by a chain/rope/ribbon/whatever that I choose (take the time to choose the type of link you want)….and it shall be a constant reminder that my tulpa is always by my side.

“We shall be able to break free of this link if my tulpa requests to have time for themselves, and this link shall be at least 10 feet to give both of us room to move around without having awkward situations with the sensations of tugging that will be apparent if we move too far from each other. If either of us feel that we’re slowly drifting away or are losing each other, we shall give a light pull and feel assured that we’re still together.

“This session shall benefit my life because it improves my ability to acknowledge that #—# is always by my side, and that when they’re near me, I can feel a sense of inner peace and tranquility, and whenever I feel that they’re drifting away, I shall be able to recognize this with ease, and call them again. I foresee both of us wonderfully benefiting from this activity and enjoying it as well. I imagine myself having a good time and awkward moments with #—# when doing this activity, and this shall bring us closer together as best friends and ultimate companions.

“I can feel their presence constantly, and it shall require little energy to acknowledge them as well; their presence makes me feel energetic, and even if they aren’t around as much after this hypnosis session, I know that they’re within me, and I can always feel the sense of inner peace and love from them…
(breathe in and exhale slowly and imagine yourself being filled with unconditional love with your tulpa)…

I imagine myself running around with my tulpa, still linked to them. We’re engaged at a race where two people must run together as teammates. I imagine me and my tulpa at the start of the race-line, preparing to win and dominate the competition around us. There’s three more sets ofindividuals that are competing with us, and we prepare ourselves a we look at the stoplight above us. As the red light *descends* to the yellow light, I shall feel a sense of unity with my tulpa, constantly acknowledging their presence during this race…
(breathe in and exhale slowly).

“The moment the light turns green, me and my tulpa will have a head start. We’re dashing very fast, easily overcoming any obstacle that’s apparent in the race environment. Our feet and legs are light enabling us to move at high speeds, we keep a steady pace with each other to ensure that one doesn’t go too fast compared to the other. As we speed up, we gradually try to be ahead of each other by a few feet, but no more than the 10 feet limit we established before.

“The more we get towards the limit of our link, an odd sensation shall be apparent that convinces us to slow that just a bit so that our partner can catch up to us. We’re enjoying this steady and exhilarating pace, focusing on each other more and more as we conquer all obstacles in the racing environment. We’re sustaining our speed and our concentration in maintaining our distance and not going too far beyond our link’s limit.

“#—#„s image is becoming clearer to me, I am able to see their facial features and body composition easier now that I have improved acknowledgment of their presence. We see that there’s a cliff up ahead, and we must prepare to jump to the other side in unison, or else we’ll fall down softly on a smooth surface. I take #—#„s hand and feel the warmth as their image continues become more defined, and we both look at each other smiling, having the assurance that we will make this jump together.

“Closer and closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, we prepare to do a running jump by quickly taking a leap in unison. In slow motion, I embrace #—#„s presence even more, tightening my grip a bit more, feeling confident that we shall reach to the other side. I close my eyes mentally, feeling #—#„s energy surrounding me, and as I now feel a sense of inner peace and tranquility, I find that acknowledging my tulpa’s presence is easy because I enjoy being with them.

“Things shift back to normal pacing, and we are able to get to the other side with ease! We look back and see our opponents struggling to get to the other side, and one of them already fell onto the smooth surface below us. We focus our attention to the racing track and go back to accelerating quickly to the finish line. We see the finish line getting closer and closer and closer, and I take one deep breath and exhale slowly (do so now)…and the moment we zip through the ribbon and win, my acknowledgment of my tulpa’s presence shall be increased tenfold because I enjoy being with them and they make me feel relaxed and happy.

“We reached the finish line, and now I imagine us holding a trophy together, and now the link that was connected to us has been broken. We can easily acknowledge each other without it now, and I feel more confident that in future sessions, I can feel my tulpa’s warmth and unconditional love with me all the time. (Make sure to break the chain/rope/link/ribbon/light beam/etc. that you made for you and your tulpa).

“We are both free, and our bond with each other is that much greater because of this self-hypnosis session. I shall have this ability to acknowledge my tulpa after this session, and I look forward to more attempts at this in the future as well because I know I can *enjoy* and wonderfully benefit from this with my tulpa.

(Use the Waking Script)

VISU1 – Visualization Script for Wonderland

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is improve my visualization skills for my wonderland(s). Throughout this session, I shall collaborate with my subconscious and easily be able to envision my wonderland with its help. I shall let its ability to process complex aspects of my wonderland to make things easier for me. I shall provide the descriptions and it shall make them apparent inside of my mind. I foresee myself having ease of access with visualizing my wonderland, feeling at home and a sense of inner peace.

“I imagine myself within my wonderland in its most fundamental form. I start by visualizing my head and the small details in my cheeks, chin, nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. The image of my head becomes more vivid as I slowly breathe in and exhale (do so deeply for 2 times). I then shift to visualizing my neck and chest, wearing my favorite top and focusing on the details of the material wrapping around it. I then imagine wearing my favorite bottom outfit, imagining it in detail as well, making sure to focus how it comfortably conforms to my body shape. I immerse myself into my wonderland, acknowledging my existence in it. I focus on my 5 senses one by one to ensure that I am solidified within the wonderland.

“I first start with my vision, I increase clarity by saying aloud in my head, “MORE CLARITY!”
(Take the time to do so and recall how the environment changes)…

“I then look at the nearest object around me, and I slowly pick it up to increase my sense of touch. I feel its texture, absorbing the experience like a sponge absorbs water. The texture becomes more apparent through the sensations tingling within my hands, I can feel the nerve endings quickly sending messages and interchanging with the spine and my brain. As I breathe in and exhale slowly, the sensation of touching shall increase the wonderland’s vivid atmosphere and surface.

“I focus now on the smell of this object, continuing to absorb the details and experiences with doing so. I recall its smell with is, taking a slight sniff and feeling the wonderland increasing in clarity and detail and becoming more stabilized. I feel my form in my wonderland is becoming more realistic and I become more confident in focusing on the rest of my senses. I focus on hearing this object I picked up drop down on the surface, and I recall the experience and the sound with ease. The experience becomes even more realistic, and my wonderland is even more diverse than before. (Breathe in and exhale slowly…)

I finally acknowledge my hearing within my wonderland, reminding myself of all sorts of associations that seem fit for its structure. I silence my own thoughts and allow my subconscious to create reasonable sounds that are fit for my wonderland(s). I shall breathe in and exhale slowly a few times (do so 2-3 times and imagine sound coming into your wonderland slowly and at a steady pace)…

Now that all 5 senses are incorporated into my wonderland(s), I shall be able to freely navigate the area(s) with ease, and interact with my tulpa now that my form is solidified in this section of my mind. I shall enjoy and wonderfully benefit from this experience, and I foresee many successful attempts as long as I remind myself that this shall serve as a way to improve my life and allow me to enjoy it as well.

(Use the Wake Up Script Now)

PROX1 – Proxying Script [For Typing] (No we're Not Learning Proxies silly)

I think it’s best to have a fairly vocal tulpa to do well for this script. Also, I’ll state typing/drawing/speaking a lot, so just pick whichever one you want to practice on. And make sure to had a notepad/word document/etc. when preparing to type things out.

(Anything with #—# replace with your tulpa’s/tulpae’s/tulpas“ name or “my tulpa/tulpae/tulpas»
This part is inspired by Niichan’s Proxying Guide that can be found here:

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to improve my abilities in being able to be a representative/agent for #—# in which I QUIET DOWN my own thoughts and increase the volume of #—#„s more so that I can properly hear their responses with ease. This shall improve my life because it’s one of many ways that I know I can enjoy and wonderfully benefit from by improving the bond with me and #—#. I shall be able to process their thoughts given to me and easily type, say, or draw out, and with more practice, it shall become second nature that requires little energy.

“I foresee being able to interchange with my thoughts and #—#„s, and if there’s any misunderstanding on what’s being stated from #—#, I shall simply ask them for clarification. Practicing this shall also allow me to delegate, or take some responsibility in case my tulpa isn’t able at times to take the role themselves to type their thoughts out.

“As I prepare to type/draw/speak out #—#„s thoughts, I shall first focus on quieting down my own voice and increasing the volume of #—#„s more. I can feel their presence, I can feel the bond I have between them, and I shall ask them to provide me a few things for me to type for them. As I count down from 3 to Zero, my state of being, my mentality shall be one that is completely responsive to my tulpa’s thoughts, and my abilities to process that and sublimate that through typing/drawing/speaking shall be increased.

“Three…the thoughts of my own are slowly lowered in volume, and I can hear #—#„s voice getting higher and higher at reasonable pace. I feel relaxed as their thoughts take over mind temporarily, and I feel ready and engaged to type/speak/draw for them.

“Two…I am now a conduit, a link for my tulpa to get their thoughts out through typing/drawing/speaking, and I shall be able to accept their warm embrace as they gently glide me into taking the role of typing for them. Their responses shall be easy for me to respond to, and any responses that are unprocessed, I shall ask them for further clarification.

“One…I am closer and closer to being completely immersed into typing my tulpa’s thoughts, whatever they may be, and I shall not have any worry on whether or not things are being parroted, all thoughts for this session are temporarily shifted to #—#„s thoughts alone, and I act as a link to get their information out through typing/drawing/speaking. I feel comfortable taking this role, knowing that this is simply temporary, and I shall feel just fine after this session ends.

“Zero…I am now completely immersed into the role of typing/speaking/drawing for my tulpa, and allthoughts for this particular endeavor shall be of their own. I shall be able to hear my own thoughts, but they will be of a lower volume, and I shall have increased focus towards my tulpa’s thoughts. I feel their warmth and presence filling my mind with love, and each action I partake in typing/speaking/drawing, I shall be able to easily express for them. I shall breathe in and exhale slowly two times (do so now), and I shall devote (insert amount of) minutes of typing for my tulpa and have a fluid exchange between responding to their thoughts and asking them for further clarification if there are things that are confusing for me.

(Take the time to devote (insert amount of) minutes or so typing/drawing/speaking; feel confident in what you’re doing for your tulpa, feel that you’re enjoying doing this because you love them and you want to improve your bond with them)

“Now that I’ve typed for (insert amount of) minutes, I shall be able to do this session once more if needed and have an even greater ability to proxy, or represent for my tulpa as I type/draw/speak. I aim to have better communication with my tulpa during and after this session, and I shall feel more confident and enjoy their participation as well.

(Use Wake Up Script)

SENT1 – Treating As Sentient Before Sentience Hypnosis Script

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to have more assurance that my tulpa is already sentient, and my confidence shall be increased tenfold because I know that the moment I wanted to have a tulpa and decided on aspects that they could take form into, that they would already being sentient in my perception of reality.

“My life shall improve practicing this session because it shall give me the confidence to alleviate all doubt on whether or not my tulpa is sentient. I know that all actions I partake in that serve to increase my awareness of them being sentient shall succeed and I shall be able to *easily* enjoy and wonderfully benefit from this session. I foresee myself feeling the energy of my tulpa, feeling their warmth, their love for me, and their awareness. I see myself feeling happier as my tulpa portrays more signs of sentience, and I shall have completely faith in myself to treat them as sentient before their inevitable sentience. It shall happen, and I shall confidence that endures because this is something that I want to occur because I can enjoy and wonderfully benefit from this.

“I imagine myself to the best of my ability standing in a void, embracing the state of ZERO. I shall count from 3 to ZERO and feel immersed into the void. I shall be perfectly fine and normal within this void and shall succeed in establishing an awareness to my tulpa that is inevitably going to become sentient.

“Three…I immerse myself into the the void, and the moment I reach ZERO, I shall have increased focused and confidence in my tulpa’s sentience. I shall not question or doubt it, it shall happen, and my confidence shall endure.

“Two….I feel more connected with my tulpa, being aware of aspects of themselves that I’ve considered, and I shall collaborate with my subconscious to increase their already established sentience..I feel more relaxed than usual because of my confidence in knowing that they are sentient.

“One…I am closer to improving the sentience that is already being expressed, and I shall continue to have an enduring confidence to have faith in them and in myself.

“Zero…I am completely saturated in them being sentient. I am absorbing their energy, feeling their love for me fill my entire body that warms it in this cold void. I feel content, faithful, and confident of their sentience. Their energy shines and warms me to the point where the void is quickly disappearing, and as I count up to three, I shall have the assurance that my tulpa is sentient.

“One….my confidence is increasing, I can feel my tulpa’s love within me…

“Two…their sentience is increasing, becoming more apparent, I can easily identify their energy signature and can recall this experience effortlessly.

“Three…my tulpa is sentient, I have the fond memories of their warmth, love, and respect for me surging through my body. There is only confidence and faith that they are here with me throughout this life.

Now that this assurance has be solidified, I can now envision myself only getting better interactions with my tulpa and ultimately having them imposed into my reality and have other aspects improved as well.

(Use Waking Script)

SWIT1 – Switching Hypnosis Script

For these last two guides related to switching and possession, I saved them for last because I myself need to work on that more. However, based on the guides that were made pertaining to these endeavors, I feel confident that it’s still straightforward.

HOWEVER, I do know that these are the types of skills you need to work bit by bit, and not in one sitting. So just as a warning, I suggest that you take your time with these types of hypnosis for these last two tulpa-related concepts because they will be fairly lengthy. It’s for the sake for users that have a vocal tulpa to get a good idea of how the guide makers conceptualize the phenomenon of switching and possession. I presume that possession is a bit easier than switching, seeing as it’s creating a condition response for your tulpa to control specific sets of your body.

In fact, for the switching Hypnosis Script, the script I have for Visualization pertaining to wonderland is actually more than enough to get started if you follow along Fuliam’s guide that can be found here:

And that visualization script essentially takes care of #2 and even #3 of the process of switching. The DEEPENING SCRIPT (chose one or the other) can be used to cover #1 of the guide. So I’ll be copying and pasting components of those scripts I made, and just have a new goal above them. For the rest of the steps, they’ll be done to the best of my abilities in hopefully capturing how things should go theoretically.
WARNING: Please make sure you do this in a safe place, preferably somewhere you can sit on comfortably or rest on your back in order to prevent any type of injury with falling. And again, make sure you have a tulpa that’s good at being vocal and has a higher state of sentience as well. It’s just for your safety, do this at your own risk.

(Read the reader’s induction method and also the deepening script beforehand as well to get yourself grounded and into a forcing state)

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to partake in switching roles with my tulpa who I am confident is proficient in their vocal skills and also has a good degree of sentience. Throughout this session, I shall engage in being able to conceptualize how it feels to transfer my senses to my wonderland, importing my state of being there in order for my tulpa to switch roles with me.

“This shall improve my life because it allows me to see what it’s like to be in a different perspective, and it shall also be a way for my tulpa to get a good experience of what it’s like to embrace reality with their level of consciousness. I can enjoy….I can *enjoy* and wonderfully benefit from this session. Throughout each part, I shall take my time and have complete trust in my tulpa and we shall maintain steady communication. If there’s anything that feels awkward or something that I’m not prepared for yet, I shall inform my tulpa immediately, and we shall resolve the issue with ease and try again.

“When I have a good sense of where I’m at through my endeavor of switching with my tulpa, I shall pick up on the next step in later sessions. If I feel confident enough, I can aim for going through all steps to get the mechanics behind it, but I shall be able to easily stop at any point if things feel uncomfortable for me and my tulpa. I foresee myself being able to see my tulpa switch with me with ease and, and I shall give it my best to make things work during this session, and I trust that my tulpa will perform their best as well and maintain a steady communication with me.

(Proceed to read the Visualization for Wonderland that covers steps #2 and #3 of the switching guide; also, you can state the goal for that section as well, just keep aware of your overall goal to attempt to switch. Remember, take your time and don’t try to rush things)

(When you read the visualization for Wonderland, read the script below relating for steps #4-#7 of the guide on switching)

“Now that I’ve immersed myself into my wonderland, I shall become proficient in acknowledging my wonderland senses. I shall go about taking the time to go through my 5 senses in my wonderland once more just like before..(imagine going through what you did in the visualization script for wonderland from before).

“Now that I’m completely part of my wonderland senses, I shall communicate with my tulpa, having faith in them as they gradually ease their senses from the wonderland onto reality. I shall aid them in doing so by going through each of the 5 senses. I shall absorb their wonderland senses and sublimate my senses of reality into them, constantly supporting them as they get accustomed to being in my body.

Little by little, we shall go through the sense of vision, the sense of hearing, the sense of smelling, the sense of tasting, and the sense of touching.

By the end of this session, me and #—# shall have confidence in being able to switch proficiently, and we shall take our time and maintain steady communication with each other throughout all of the steps to have a successful switch with each other.

(Use wake Script)

POSS1- Possession Hypnosis Script

“My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to have me and my tulpa master the concept of possession. For this particular activity I shall have my less dominant hand be controlled by my tulpa. I shall engage in activities in which I gradually lose the sensation of my left hand, and it shall having a numbing sensation.

“I foresee being able to have less sensations for my less dominant, so that I may work upon building my tulpa’s control over it. I shall have a steady, calm, and peaceful mind as I go through this activity with my tulpa. I trust my tulpa completely, and I have complete faith that they shall succeed with ease.

“As I prepare my less dominant hand to remain in a stationary position, be it on my lap, table, or whichever, I shall maintain a positive attitude throughout this whole session. As I count down from 5 to zero, I shall have an increased tingling sensation for my less dominant hand.

“5…The tingling sensations are gradually increasing, I can feel the vibrations slowly surging through my less dominant hand. I feel calm and relax, and I shall enjoy this experience and wonderfully benefit from it. “4…The tingling sensation continues to augment, and I acknowledge my tulpa’s presence, and they’re supporting me as I go through this session with them. I sustain my confidence in them, I sustain my trust and faith in them, and because of this, it heightens my ability to make things right for the both of us. This shall allow us to have a deeper bond with each other, and my tulpa appreciates that I am allowing them to take control of my less dominant hand during this session.

“3…The tingling sensation is definitely increasing rapidly, and I shall maintain a levelheadedness that shall endure throughout this process…I feel my tulpa’s presence even more as they’re spectating on what I’m doing. I look forward to them being able to control my less dominant hand with ease, and I continue counting down to increase the tingling sensations.

“2…The tingling sensations in my less dominant are now extending to the end of my wrists. I can feel the vibrations increasing, and I am enjoying what’s occurring, knowing that I am very close to the next process that shall enable my tulpa to control my less dominant hand with ease.

“1….The tingling sensations are moving around my less dominant hand and wrist in a fluid manner, and I am now accustomed to these sensations. The moment I reach ZERO, I shall focus on numbing these sensations and having a lack of being able to feel my less dominant hand.

“ZERO…the sensations in my hand shall now become less frequent, and I shall lack being able to feel my less dominant hand as I count down from 5 to ZERO once more. During this process, I shall have my tulpa gradually shift their control towards my less dominant hand, and they shall be able to give clear signs of them controlling it. I look forward to the amazement and level of surprise I shall have when this occurs, and I shall continue to maintain a calm and determined behavior after experiencing it.

“5…The tingling sensations are slowly becoming frequent, I can feel my less dominant hand becomenumbed slightly. I shall have numbing sensations starting at my finger tips. My tulpa shall be able to control the fingertips of my less dominant hand with ease.

“4…the tingling sensations are decreasing at a rapid rate, and the rest of my fingers on my less dominant hand shall become numb. My tulpa is gradually shifting their control and spreading it slowly but surely as I aim for numbing all of my less dominant hand.

“3…the tingling sensations are now gone completely, and I shall focus on numbing my hand, letting the sensations slowly disappear temporarily for this session. The base of my knuckles are numb, and so are my palms. I can feel the small gestures in movement of my tulpa controlling my less dominant hand. I maintain a calm and peaceful state of being as I continue to numb the rest of my hand.

“2…the numbing sensations have now spread across all parts of my less dominant hand. My tulpa is spreading their control and are taking on the senses for my less dominant hand. I watch and look for movements, and I shall have confidence that these movements are the actions of my tulpa. I can feel their presence, and I maintain steady communication to them to confirm their actions. I feel motivated, I can enjoy and wonderfully benefit from this.

“1…the numbing sensations is now spreading across my wrist, and because of this, my tulpa shall be able to spread their control and senses towards the wrist of my less dominant hand as well. They shall be able to make a slight jerk upwards with the wrist, and I shall enjoy the experience and wonderfully benefit from it as well. I can feel that they’re now controlling my less dominant hand with ease, and I shall watch them make major movements with it as well. The moment I get to ZERO, my tulpa shall have complete control of my hand, and we shall enjoy and communicate with each other on whatever action they would like to perform with their increased control of my less dominant hand. “ZERO…I am now unable to control my less dominant hand because my tulpa is now controlling it. I can feel their presence, I can feel the level of excitement from me and my tulpa. We’ve accomplished something that shall increase our bond to a deeper level, and I thank my tulpa for participating with me in succeeding with this possession self-hypnosis. Whenever I feel content with this session, I shall use the wake up script to feel completely normal, and I shall have completely control of my less dominant hand. At the end of this session, me and my tulpa shall make fond memories of what happen, and we shall be able to express this ability with ease naturally.

(Use the Waking Up Script)

WAKE1- Wake Up/Awakening Script

Note, it’s only labeled as wake up/awakening to imply that you’ll feel normal again and have whatever experiences you learned engrained into your mind and it becoming a natural habit.

“As I count down from 5 to ZERO, I shall feel completely normal, and I shall have what I learned throughout this session engrained into my mind. I shall look forward to these experiences becoming common and natural after I finish counting down.

“5…I’m starting to become aware of reality again, I am slowly shifting away from being in the hypnotic state…

“4…I am starting to become aware of what’s in front of me, and my 5 senses are becoming normal again.

“3…I am now aware of my surroundings…

“2…I feel fine and normal, and I shall look forward to having what I learned transcend after this session is over. I look forward to the positive suggestions that I’ve given and experienced to become a reality.

“1…I am feeling perfectly fine and normal now….

“ZERO….I feel perfectly fine, perfectly normal, and perfectly synched with reality. I shall be able have what I learned throughout this session become more natural. Each attempt in these sessions shall have continued success, and all attempts shall help me improve in my tulpa-related goals in some way.”

FAQ1- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I mix this with Closed-Eyed Method as well?
-Yes you can! You are free to do whatever it is that makes you content. Ideally, if you want to do this, you would just use the closed-eye method for parts where you inhale and exhale deeply, or imagining a particular experience. However, be sure to just to keep aware that if you get into the experience somewhere that’s too comfortable, you might doze off because you’re in such a relaxed state of being.

2. I’m not seeing results, what’s going on?
-Practice makes perfect, repetition is key. Remember, make sure that you acknowledge that you’ll enjoy the experience and wonderfully benefit from it as well! Take your time as you read the Reader’s Induction Script, the Deepening/Relaxation Script, The Tulpa-Related Scripts, And the Wake-Up/Awakening Script. ALSO, be sure to check out the section pertaining to the “Secrets” of having consistent success with self-hypnosis sessions. I’ve laid it out to you, and it should be honest. Just keep calm, and know that all attempts are going to become engrained into your mind, and it’ll become a breeze and before you know it…things HAPPEN the way you WANT and ALLOW them to be!

3. So how do I set up the scripts?
- Be sure to check the section that I made on Preparing for your Self-Hypnosis Sessions, but I’ll give you a quick rundown on how you set up a session. You take the Reader’s Induction Script, copy and paste it on a word document, put it FIRST. Then you take the Deepening Script (optional, but I highly suggest it) and then copy paste it UNDER the Reader’s Induction Script. Then you take your Tulpa-Related Script and paste it under that as well, and then finally you copy paste the wake-up/awakening script. And for the possession script, just follow along what I put in parentheses, and copy paste them under each script in a separate file that could be named “Possession Self-Hypnosis Script”. It’s as simple as that.

4. Do I really have to read through Reader’s Induction Script and Deepening Script?
Considering that this guide was made to post hypnotic scripts that are so easy, even a caveman can do it, they really don’t take that much time at all! It’s easy to read and they’ll give you better results when you do it mostly open-eyed (refer to question #1 in FAQ1) because you’ll be concentrating on your own voice and the contents of the script. Just make sure you THINK along as you state the words in the scripts, don’t parrot them.
The reader’s induction is to prepare you to make things easier for you. If you do it often and get in an engaging voice that I mentioned (slow, relaxed, and calm tone of voice), you WILL see progress. Remember it’s all about your motivation, how the sessions will benefit your life, and understanding how your subconscious works and tapping into its potential that will get you the results YOU want.
The Deepening Script is optional, but I highly suggest it because it’s a useful supplement for really getting into the hypnotic state.

5. My visualization sucks, how can I improve it?
It’s not a matter of being concerned on how to improve it, it’s a matter of understanding to let your subconscious do the mass-imaging work and details for you. YOU provide the DESCRIPTION, and you have faith that your subconscious is going to express that to you visually. Refer to the section related to Your Conscious Will to Imagine vs. Your Subconscious“ Ability to Imagine in the section in the Table of Contents for more Information.

6. Can I change the theme of the Reader’s Induction Script?
Yes you can! The default I had was set for a more modern theme with slight references with futuristic things. You can make one related to Medieval times where a knight would be the guard instead that greets you to your castle, or whatever. Feel free to be creative, but just make sure it follows the same principle that you’re entering a secure place that belongs to you, and you’ll do fine.

7. Why did you put in an image of a lighthouse for the Vocal Script in the pdf?
- I honestly don’t know, but hey, at least you have something to use while reading!

8. Can I get a +5 Armor boost for my Paladin Chest plate in Reality by doing these sessions?
- No

END1 – Closing Thoughts

As always, feel free to comment below. Give this a try, and you can use this as a supplement if you want to do a traditional closed-Eye meditation and/or self-hypnosis. Remember that Self-Hypnosis is more about being motivated, getting into it, having confidence, and repetition along with practice will get you where you want to be. As long as you accept what’s going on, things will work out for you.
And if you find any spelling mistakes, please note them in your post and I’ll edit them as soon as I can!
Also, note for the scripts, they’re aimed to be mostly present tense, so it’s really as basic as you can get, so if it throws you off a bit, I do apologize, but just remember that it’s geared to relate to how the subconscious works.
If things are confusing, ask questions and I’ll help to the best of my abilities!

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