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TulpaWiki – resourse about Tulpa phenomenon, includes:

  • Archive of thematic materials that gaves you compact and structured storage of guides, обеспечивающий компактное и структурированное хранение гайдов, methodological notes, thematical fiction and damps of thematical threads;
  • Headquarters oforiginal research involved if guide analisis, вовлечённый в анализ гайдов, search for patterns and writing improved manuals in research of tulpamansers history;
  • Comunity of observers and translators who supplys russian comunity with new information from english forums, blogs and imageboards;
  • Progress-checking service through the filling regular forms that gaves newcomers overcome difficulties with motivation and make mutual assistance atmosphere;
  • And short-post blog servise, indispensable for qick creation of small notes.