Tulpa: Imagination games

Developer MIDERY
Publisher MIDERY
Release date January 16,2014
Genre Visual novel
Rating 18+
Platforms Windows, Linux, MacOS
Mode Single player
System requirements Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/Vista, Pentium® II, 64 МB RAM, 250 MB Free Disk Space on HDD, 3D-video with 128 MB vRAM, DirectX® 9.0с compatible, Audio Card, DirectX® 9.0с compatible

Tulpa: Imagination games is a kinetic visual novel what has been developed by a man pseudonymous «MIDERY», released on the internet in january 16,2014

<blockquote>Begining with your birth the society imposes its priorities to you. Faith. Devotion. Morality. Industry. They don’t even worth a button. But, due to them, we are all different. Never mind who you are - a schoolboy, a psychiatric clinic patient or a detective. It does not even matter when you are insane. Tulpa is a autonomous hallucination made by repiting of thoughts and subconscious faith. Tulpa is a independent personality who exists only for you and only in your own world. But, what to do if she or he feels tight in the edges of your imagination? How can you be when your subconscious is ready for insurrection?</blockquote>

Ishiro is the protagonist of the game, senior. Due to the escape of his father after birth, the news of his having the brain tumor and violence of mother he grows as a reserved misanthropic teen. He is fond of Natasha.
After his knowing of close relationship of his classfellows he decides to make a tulpa in the image of Natasha. Due to this, then he gradually loses his reason.

Andrew is a younger brother of Alexander and schoolfellow of Ishiro. Dies at the hands of Luna after his reporting of Natasha’s gestation to Ishiro.

Alexander is an older brother of Andrew. Point of fact he is father, visualized image of Ishiro’s tumor.

Capitan is a policeman, having involved in the case of Andrew’s murder. Dies at the hands of Ishiro in the Alexander’s flat.

Ishiro’s mother after childbirth, the escape of the husband influences on her psyche. She sincelrely believes on his return.

Luna is a tulpa of Ishiro in the image of Natasha. Gets physical properties after Ishiro’s taking the drug. Afterwards kills Andrew and Natasha.

Natasha is a schoolfellow of Andrew and Ishiro. After a while, gets pregnant of second one. After public humiliation and getting raped by Ishiro, loses her reason and dies at the hands of Luna.

Gameplay is characteristic for the genre of the visual novel.
Choise influensing on further plot’s developments is given to a player only once at the game and leads to two potential«bad» endings.

[Cover of the edition]

In this section the full tracks“ list of Sx107 is shown and available for free downloading:

  1. Suicide
  2. H3164
  3. Afterglow
  4. Wake up
  5. Back away
  6. Uno
  7. Stoned cancer
  8. Ash
  9. Like grim death
  10. Therapy
  11. Soulless
  12. Deep (part 1)
  13. Deep (part 2)
  14. Edge
  15. Killing dreams
  16. Dist P
  17. Uprise
  18. Betrayer
  19. Fourth Expedition (bonus track)
  • Project’s leader: MIDERY
  • Main assistant: Alexander Gustir
  • Composer: Sx107
  • Artists: Alexander Gustir, mas, teh_sand, Darya Сlemberg (Hannisen), rezuri88
  • Editers: J&S, Dreamtale, DrArti, Anonymous

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